M2 Occido Plus – Abattoir Application

Animal carcasses intended for food use are generally treated with a disinfectant. A wide variety of disinfectants have been in use including chlorine as a sterilizing and sanitizing agent. This is applied as a gas or as an aqueous solution of a chlorine-containing compound. In particular, acidified solutions of chlorites, as well as acidified solutions of chlorous acid or chlorine dioxide is used as topical antibacterial agents.

The disinfection capabilities in M2 OCCIDO PLUS is based on a new innovative oxidation technology that does not include chlorine, iodine, bromide or any other halogen based chemical and is a highly effective Industrial disinfectant for the disinfection, sterilization and sanitation of hard surfaces, animal carcasses and fresh produce. M2 OCCIDO PLUS, in the disinfection process, does not create any DBP (Disinfection by-products) HAA’s (Haloacetic acid) or THM’s (Trihalomethanes). It will also not adversely affect the taste of the food and meat. During the oxidation process free radicals are generated in sufficient quantity to remove organic material, traceable organic contaminants and certain inorganic pollutants. Free radical activity also increases the biodegradability of inorganic contaminants by altering the chemical structure and in the case of pathogen micro-organisms, destroying the cell membranes.

In the preparation of animal carcasses for consumption, the carcass is cleaned and all feathers are removed from poultry. With respect to mammals, the hide is generally removed. Then, either prior to butchering or subsequent to butchering, the animal carcass is treated with a disinfecting solution intended to reduce the number of bacteria present on the animal carcass. The disinfecting solution is applied to the animal carcass at room temperature, about 22° C.

M2 OCCIDO PLUS as a solution disinfects optimally at a Ph between 2 and 7. At a dilution of 15 grams per 25 litres the Ph is around 4 and at dilution of 15 grams per 10 litres the Ph is around 3 making it ideal for the sanitizing, cleaning and disinfection of carcasses of all kinds. It is also ideally suited for the disinfection of any fresh produce like vegetables and fruit.

M2 OCCIDO PLUS can be applied using typical carcass treatment apparatus. Mix 15g with 10 litres of clean water for the disinfection/sanitation of carcasses, buildings, surfaces and equipment. The solution can be applied either as a spray or in a dip tank to contact the carcass with the solution for a period of a few seconds up to several minutes, typically 10 to 30 seconds.

M2 OCCIDO PLUS is a non-toxic, free flowing granular and highly soluble in water chemical compilation disinfectant. It is safer than chlorine in the destruction of spores, total aerobic bacteria enumeration, viruses, fungi and other pathogen organisms and also destroys phenols of which certain strains are immune to chlorine

M2 OCCIDO PLUS achieved a log 5 reduction (99,999%) at 15 grams per 25 litres of water and a log 6 reduction (99,9999%) at 15 grams per 10 litres of water on the following microorganisms:

  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  • Escherichia Coli
  • Staphylococcus aureus
  • Enterococcus hirae
  • Total aerobic bacteria enumeration
  • Salmonella Typhimurium
  • Lactobacillus Typhimurium
  • Lactobacillus brevis
  • Enterobacter cloacae
  • Listeria monocytogenes


  • 53g – makes 35 litres disinfectant
  • 105g – makes 70 litres disinfectant
  • 300g- makes 200 litres disinfectant
  • 1kg tub- makes 670 litres disinfectant
  • 3kg tub makes 1980 litres disinfectant
  • 10kg tub makes 6700 litres disinfectant


M2 Occido Plus was approved in a SANAS International accredited laboratory on the  following standards:

  • SANS 51276 and EN 1276 approved as biocidal for chemical disinfectants and anticeptics
  • BS EN 14476:2013+A2;2019 approved as virucidal (done at MSL Solution Providers in the UK)
  • SANS 1853 SABS and EU approved toxicity evaluation
  • SANS 51650 and EN 1650 approved as Fungicidal
  • SANS 53704 and EN 13704 approved as Sporicidal)
  • Global G.A.P. Compliant (Good Agricultural Practices)
  • NRCS Compliant (National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications )


M2 Occido Plus

Abattoir Application


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