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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can M2 Purewater be used in the treatment/rehabilitation of any contaminated water like AMD (acid mine drainage)?

    No. Acid Mine Drainage is a complex process involving the removal of, amongst other things, heavy metals and acids through capital equipment

    Does M2 Purewater remove Fluorides from ground water?

    Yes. Tests done showed the removal of a high percentage of Fluorides in ground water to levels safe for human consumption

    Are all products developed and manufactured by OLGENSTINE human and environmental friendly?

    Yes. Our aim is to develop products in line with our vision namely consideration of the environment and human health and safety

    Where does the knowhow lei in the diverse innovation at Olgenstine Group of Companies?

    Olgenstine’s group of specialists in all the various fields of interest allows for innovative thinking.  Through regular interaction and brainstorming, solutions are found on the basis of solid research and science.

    Can Olgenstine custom manufacture water treatment solutions for specific applications?

    Yes. Our strength lies in the combined experience of our experts and, the firm believe that chemical compilation products can solve many more challenges in the water treatment segment than previously believed.

    Does Olgenstine manufacture and supply in bulk other that the branded packaging?

    Yes. We are prepared to consider that provided there is a minimum order requirement

    Which people benefit the most from M2 Body Fuel

    All people will benefit due to the nature of the formulation including children, athletes, workers, the sick and the elderly. M2 Body Fuel is a slow energy release vitamin and mineral based hypotonic drink.

    Can M2 Occido Plus be applied in a fogging or misting application in the disinfection of hard surfaces?

    Yes it can. Carriers might be added in small quantities like Glycerine to enhance the  misting effect through the equipment applied.