Olgenstine is an innovation driven Company with the focus on research and development in the following market segments:

  • Selective fortified nutrition.  We can custom blend and manufacture in bulk to specific needs and requirements.
  • Water treatment and rehabilitation solutions in the humanitarian, industrial and agricultural industries.  We specialise in innovative chemical composition blends to reduce the amount of processes.
  • Environmental and human friendly remedies and solutions in the combatting of various pests and insects in the household, industrial and agricultural industries.
  • Solutions in reducing GHG (greenhouse gasses) and carbon footprint in relation to the use of fossil and hydrocarbon-based energy fuel

Our mission is to bring solutions to those who need it the most and to have a positive impact on both humanity and environment in the inventions that we produce.

Marius Jordaan
CEO / Founder

Founder & CEO at Olgenstine Group of Companies